Virtual reality (VR) tour

Virtual reality (VR) is a hot topic. Trend watchers predict that VR will keep rising in the years after.

We will make sure your company or organization also benefits from this trend. We offer full VR packages consisting of a video with voice-over and, if required, matching hardware such as virtual reality viewers. These packages are especially suited to presentations, tours, instruction videos, open days, trade shows and similar events. Our VR experience will give anyone a unique insight into your company or organization.


Virtual tours

We can record a tour of your company’s manufacturing halls, or show your target audience what goes on behind the scenes in a 360° video. These videos can be watched through special viewers, yet they are also suitable for regular posting on YouTube.


VR video of your company

Studio544 wants to make virtual reality accessible to your company as well. We offer complete packages for use during e.g. open days or trade shows. There is no need to purchase any hardware yourself; we will customize the package to your requirements.


VR for business purposes

Virtual reality is an extremely efficient way of providing visitors at your stand with a peak of what goes on behind the scenes of your company. You can show them a new machine or display a new product. With 360° videos, viewers are immersed in a complete experience.

Why create a VR video?

Using VR provides you with unlimited options. You can make someone stroll through a city, or have the person attend a concert. Alternatively, you may use VR for patients so that they can familiarize themselves with your hospital departments. Prospective students can get a sneak peek at your school or you can showcase your company’s production facilities. Any place, any time.

How does viewing a VR video work?

Our virtual reality tour promotes your company in a special way: When people see someone wearing the VR viewer and completely immersed in an experience they cannot see, this generates curiosity. People often queue up to wear the viewer and see for themselves what’s going on.

Our videos can be watched on a tablet or smartphone, but the experience really comes to life when using a VR viewer. We offer the Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses and the Oculus Go.

Videos can also be posted as regular YouTube or Facebook videos. Various browsers, such as Google Chrome, support this video format. The user can navigate through the video by using the mouse. Are you using the YouTube or Chrome app on a smartphone or tablet? On mobile, you can move around by simply moving the device.

How to create a 360° video

Our 360° VR camera shoots footage at six different angles. The camera can be stationary in a number of locations, or it can be wheeled around the space. This will result in a spectacular perspective.

During editing, we will compile and paste together all material. Background music and a Dutch or English voice-over recordings will also be added. The final product will be a video ready for use. Take a look at our ‘Behind the scenes‘ clip.


Highschool Het Streek in 360° VR

Marveld in 360° VR

ECN 360° VR video

Gerrit Komrij College 360° VR video

Around the world in 360° VR

GSC3 360° VR video Bandung

Ferron 360° VR video

360° VR recording behind the scenes


Virtual Reality Basis

€ tbc

  • We will create a video including a Dutch or English voice-over
  • Posting on your own YouTube channel and/or Facebook page
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Virtual Reality Event

€ tbc

  • We will create a video including a Dutch or English voice-over
  • 4 Oculus Go VR headsets will be made available to you for use during a three-day period
  • 5 cardboard viewers are included in the package for viewing after the event
  • Posting on your own YouTube channel and/or Facebook page
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Virtual Reality Promotion

€ tbc

  • We will create a video including a Dutch or English voice-over
  • 250 cardboard viewers, customized to include your branding
  • Posting on your own YouTube channel and/or Facebook page
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Additional Options

• We provide voice-overs in any given language.

• The ladies of our promotion team will be happy to assist your visitors with the VR viewers. They will also help generate more traffic to your stand.

• Would you like to order 250+ branded cardboard viewers? This option is available for an additional fee. We manufacture our own Virtual Reality Glasses and will be happy to produce any required number.

• Would you like to get more details on our 360° virtual reality packages? Feel free to contact us.

Purchasing Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality videos can be watched as regular videos on YouTube or Facebook, but the experience becomes fully immersive when using a VR viewer. We produce our own cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses, which can be fully customized to your brand identity. A great reminder or an exciting give-away! For more details, please contact us through our contact form.

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